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When I first started Beyond, I was struck by it’s similarity in opening to Gabrielle Zevin’s Elsewhere and was worried it was going to be a bit of a rip-off, within a chapter however I was pleasantly surprised that it changed course and became an original and exciting novel.
Beyond tells the story of Meghan who has died and is a new student at the Academy, where she has to graduate in order to get to Heaven. I really enjoyed the world and take on the afterlife that Boje created.
When Meghan accidentally visits earth again, she meets Jason and forms a friendship/budding romance with him. When she discovers he is going to die however, she is desperate to save him.
While in terms of conflict, I appreciate the need for a good and evil side, I did find it a little cheesy at times when the good and bad spirits were discussed and the devil, though that is just personal preference because it felt a little didactic at one point where the bad side has ‘won’ a spirit. That said, this may have just been my taste and I wouldn’t say that you should be put off by this. I also didn’t think a love triangle was necessary in the novel, though full credit to the author the triangle was not the central focus of the book which worked to it’s advantage.
I really enjoyed this book, it was a fast and pacy read, with serious matter discussed in it about teenagers and some of the real and most upsetting issues they may face, and I am really interested in where Boje takes the series.
This book was sent to me via a Goodreads Paranormal group’s R2R I am a member of, and I am very grateful to have been sent it and given the opportunity to review it.
Beyond is available via Amazon and several other online stores.

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2 responses to “Review: Beyond by T.P Boje

  1. Ohhh. I love that you’ve read Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zavin. I LOVE that novel 😀

    Am glad you liked the book too -nods- I liked how quick and easy it was to read. Others have said it’s a more ‘middle-age’ book and I do sort of see their point but I just liked how there wasn’t too much thinking to go along with it! A nice, easy read! 😀

    • Yeah I read it a few years ago but I remember it well 🙂 Am glad you liked it too! I think it did have some heavy themes for mg that mean it should sit in ya like child soldiers and abuse, etc but as they weren’t all the focal point of the book it was easy to forget about them. Does that make sense?

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