Review: Half Black Soul by HD Gordon

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Approaching this book was difficult for me; not only did my friends love it on Goodreads but I had enjoyed Blood Warrior, HD Gordon’s debut so much I was scared this book would not meet my expectations – in some ways it did and in a few small ways it didn’t.
I really enjoyed this book and I have to mention that at it’s low price, it is a real bargain and proof of the worth of checking out self-published writing from time to time despite any preconceptions
Gordon writes romantic chemistry and general action very well and so her strengths naturally lend themselves to the paranormal romance genre. In this outing her writing and style are much more confident and she is taking more risks with her writing too.
In terms of character development, Alexa is much more accepting and ready for her fate, though she is battling the ‘monster’ within her. I felt this conflict was well-written and a particular highlight of the books; if violence and wrong are for an overall good, what does that mean?
I didn’t personally like the addition of narrative voices – Nelly and Kayden – and while by the end, I realised why Gordon had included Nelly and understood it was a way of keeping readers in the loop about Two Rivers in Alexa’s absence so that can be partway ignored, but I found Kayden’s addition to perhaps be a little distracting.
Alexa’s romantic conflict was well handled too; her guilt at her natural attraction to Kayden, partly through their species’ affinity for each other, and partly because he is attractive along with the fact she is dating Jackson is not played too melodramatically but felt real enough.
The first hundred pages felt a little slow, though this is in contrast to Blood Warrior which moved extremely fast. By the end however, you have been thrown into twist after twist and conflict after conflict and are left just as bruised as the characters – by the way, the twist at the end actually made this book for me and I loved the shift from convention here. There was only one twist I wasn’t so keen on and that is because I was very fond of a certain character but shan’t spoil it for future, readers!,
If you enjoyed Blood Warrior, then I am certain you will be pleased with Gordon’s latest addition to the series. Overall I really enjoyed this book though on a personal level I preferred Blood Warrior. I received this book for free via a review program on a Goodreads community and am grateful for the opportunity and great book!

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