Review: The Glass Collector by Anna Perera

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For me, reading the Glass Collector, was an experience closer to home than you might expect for your average middle-class white reader. I have travelled around Egypt and visited Luxor twice, even staying at the Sheraton and Hilton name dropped in the book as some of the best places to stay. Egypt is in an amazing country with some of the most amazing sights in the world, but poverty, like in many places, is still prevalent. It is this side of Luxor evoked by Perera.
Her prose is stunning and incredibly beautifully written. This is the sort of book you can give to YA-sceptics and dare them to say the market is poorly written and meaningless after reading. Considering so many genres exist within YA, I would say this could easily comprise part of a literary (with the meaning of the general definition of literary fiction in the adult market) YA movement.
the glass collector tells the story of Aaron, a 15 year old making a living by collecting trash from the city and sorting it. He is particularly talented at collecting glass and not injuring himself in the process.
My one criticism with the novel is that there is not much of a focus on plot,something that is fairly characteristic of some literary novels, and is much more about a character and journey so may not suit every reader.
While for me the first 100 pages were a little hard to engage with as the novel progressed I felt more invested in the characters and plot.
What particularly struck me was the struggles and moral quandaries Aaron is faced with, particularly when he steals from a perfume shop. As a reader, I felt very sympathetic towards him despite his actions.
Aother thing I loved about the book was it’s depiction of women and their real struggles with inequality. Considering this is told through a male narrator, it says something of Perera’s writing skill she was able to do this.
Overall, if you are interested in an illuminating,slow-burn read about disparity and poverty, community, the role of women and growing up then you should like this novel.
I received my copy for free as an egalley through NetGalley and Albert Whitman and Company. The Glass Collector was released in the US on March 1st 2012.

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