Review: You Can Run by Norah McClintock

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You Can Run is the second YA mystery novel in Norah McClintock’s series following teenager Robyn Hunter. I must confess I haven’t read the first but I found that this book was still easy to read and understand despite this, and has definitely piqued my interested in the series.

When Robyn’s classmate, Trisha, runs away and her stepfather asks Robyn’s dad, a retired police-officer and private investigator, to look into her disappearance, Robyn wants to help. Trisha and Robyn had fallen out close to her vanishing and Robyn feels a degree of guilt so with her boyfriend, Nick, wants to investigate.

I loved the mystery aspect of this book; little details all tied into the main plot by the end and as a crime novel and mystery fan, this really appealed to me. I also loved that Robyn didn’t have absent parents and was so close to her father; it is a refreshing change for YA novels.

I don’t want to spoil the overall mystery or plot by going into that into too much details so instead I’ve decided to focus on characters and other aspects of the book I want to discuss.

I think the relationship between Robyn and Nick was also great. Nick is very complicated, troubled and clearly has a difficult childhood, unlike Robyn, and this difference between the two of them can strain the couple deeply. In some books, this would be played as ‘she can save him’ and for romance, but I felt that the author took a more mature approach here in highlighting the difficulties faced in a relationship like that.

My only real criticism of this book is that the plot twist didn’t quite match the momentum or expectations I had, however it was still interesting and entertaining.

I would recommend this to mystery YA fans and contemporary YA fans alike. I received this book for free as an ecopy from NetGalley and the Lerner Publisher Group. This book will be published on April 1st 2012.

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