Blog Tour: How To Keep A Boy As A Pet by Diane Messidoro

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So today, I am incredibly excited to introduce my very first blog tour post and welcome the fantastic Diane Messidoro to ChooseYA. Her debut, How To Keep A Boy As A Pet, is going to be reviewed here very shortly but having read it I can say it’s a fabulous, funny and at times a little sad read that I highly recommend!

Also, for your chance to win a copy of How to Keep a Boy as a Pet and the cover boy’s T-shirt, visit:

I will now hand you over to the wonderful Diane Messidoro!


Hello Lucy, and everyone who loves to read YA. I’m delighted to be popping in on day here of my blog tour.Right, now big deep breath, as this isn’t always an easy subject to talk about. The story behind my story, How to Keep a Boy as a Pet. Okay, here goes…

My earliest memories are of big smiles. My mum was kind and kept me out of too much trouble (although I was excellent at getting into trouble, even back then). And my dad, well, he was my hero: a really big character, always full of jokes and stories, always ready to take me off on some mini adventure in the back garden. The days I remember with him always seemed sunny and full of laughter.

Then, just before my fourth birthday, my dad left home. And he didn’t come back. And no-one really told me why, so my brain started to look like this…

Then, every now and then, my dad would roar up in a sports car, whisk me off somewhere exciting for a few hours, then disappear into the horizon, leaving me on the pavement waving goodbye, wondering if I’d ever see him again. So my heart started to look like this…

And when I was old enough to fancy boys, having a brain and heart like that made everything extra confusing. So I crashed about, chasing all the wrong boys, making pretty much every romantic mistake possible. Until my heart ended up like this…

But as time went on, I realised that with every heart-break, I learnt something new about boys, and dads – and myself.

Then, one morning, I sat down at my desk and a girl called Circe Shaw strolled into my head – a sassier, bolder, far wiser version of me as a teenager. And she started to tell her story, and although it was very different from mine, it turned out she was also totally confused about her ‘invisible’ dad and determined to find out the truth about the mysterious ‘male human species’.

So I wrote Circe’s story down. And now, three years on, it’s finally about to hit the shops – ta da! I hope you enjoy it.

Happy reading – and happy boy catching!

Tomorrow the tour concludes at!

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