Review: A Million Suns by Beth Revis

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Beth Revis’ debut, Across The Universe, sucked me into YA sci-fi. I wasn’t much of a sci-fi reader beforehand; yes, I read paranormal novels, but sci-fi and particularly sci-fi in space had never appealed to me. Then I read Across the Universe and my interested piqued slightly.

Revis’ sequel A Million Suns is in my opinion even better than Across the Universe, so if you weren’t sure on the first book, do try this one. It’s tense and really explores the implications of the first book in detail.

One of the features of the novel that I was most interested in was that Revis explored the aftermath of attempted rape. In Across the Universe, Amy is almost attacked in Godspeed’s “mating season” and in some books and trends in YA this would just serve as a way of making the reader and love interest feel temporarily sorry for her and then bring on the hot kissing. Revis doesn’t do this though; we are given real insights into how Amy feels and her reluctance to engage with Elder as well.

Elder and Amy are both really strong characters and I love that Revis hasn’t put them together too quickly. Amy is reluctant to be with Elder, partly because of her almost-attack and also because Elder is one of the only few boys her age around. If there were more options would she like him that way or not? I think Revis handles this dilemma really well and I love that it isn’t just instalove and it isn’t that easy – but I remember that being a teenager dating was never easy for me.

There’s a big twist in A Million Suns, one that makes me wonder how the next book will be. I have to admit, I partially want it to turn into an epic monsters vs human showdown, but that’s just me.

On a purely aesthetic note, I wish that the cover had been kept to match the Across the Universe one as I’m not overly keen on the cover they picked, but having read the book I think I understand why they chose it. A Million Suns is published by Puffin/Razorbill in the UK and available now.  I received my copy for free for review from the publishers, which as ever does not affect the content of my review.

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