Blog Tour: Dad, Geeks and Blue Haired Freaks by Ellie Philips

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I owe Jenny at Electric Monkey and Ellie an apology for this post being a day late, unfortunately I’ve been ill recently and then had to work yesterday so couldn’t post the blog. It won’t happen again and I am sorry guys! So without further adue here’s the final stop on Ellie Philips tour and we’re talking ideal movie casting.

Thursday 21st June
Hairstyle of the Day:

Today’s hairstyle would have to be something straight, dark and Cleopatra-like while I’m thinking of movie stars to play Sadie:

Of course I would love Dads Geeks to be turned into a movie.  Perhaps Martin Scorsese might direct.  And the cast?
OK.  Movie Cast:

Somebody completely unknown would have to play Sadie just to make her believable.  But why not Ellen Page? She’d be perfect. I love her!

Tony Cruz would be played by Luke Pasqualino from Skins (in my mind Tony Cruz is 17 year old John Travolta but now I’m just showing my age here!)

Billy would be played by Sebastien De Souza from Skins or Stephen Hoo from Fit

Great Auntie Rita would be played by Maureen Lipman for sure.

Aunt Lilah would be Tanya Franks (Pulling)
And there is no question that Uncle Ze would have to be played by Lou Diamond Phillips
Wow!  What a cast.  Let’s just do it.
Lucy: Mmm, particularly loving the Tony and Billy casting choices I must say! Dads, Geeks and Blue Haired Freaks is out now and it is so good. Look out for my review coming very soon on the blog!

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