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Julie is the daughter of a witch; it isn’t as easy as you might think. When Julie witnesses her neighbour being thrown out of her home by a poltergeist, along with her best friend, Marcus, Julie decides to help. However, as more and more poltergeist activity surfaces, it becomes obvious something sinister is happening and when Julie’s mum is attacked by a spell that leaves her in a coma, Julie and Marcus have to save her.

Poltergeeks is a fabulously fun read. Filled with humour and action, it’s a book that you can really escape into. The characters feel three-dimensional; they aren’t perfect, they aren’t just blank stereotypes and Julie and Marcus have fabulous chemistry.  The humour and snark in the narration and dialogue reminded me a little of Buffy at times which is great and I liked that Julie was a strong heroine, but she did not know everything at the same time. At the start of the book, her mum has to bail her out of the scrapes she gets herself into, but by the end she’s starting to harness her power and act more confidently and has the confidence to face relationships and challenges she was unable to at the start.

I really enjoyed the many disguises of the Tutelary as well and found the world that Cummings had created really effective as it straddled both the ‘real’ world and events that were more fantastic. The final quarter of the book is wonderfully action-packed and fun as we race along with Julie and Marcus to save her mother. In addition to this, the inclusion of Matthew Hopkins, a real-life historical witch hunter added an extra dimension to the novel and was really well done.

Marcus was a fun character; he could have been a caricature of the best friend/ geek stereotype but he felt really real. He wasn’t overly passive and he really cared about Julie.  The plot is engaging and exciting and a slightly different twist on the witchcraft trope within YA. Considering the prevalence of paranormal YA, this was quite refreshing too – particularly because Julie is the one with the powers and the male character, Marcus, is the mortal ‘ordinary’ one.

Poltergeeks is as fun and geeky as the title suggests, and that’s a good thing! I will definitely be reading its sequel. I received a free proof for  (honest) reviewing purposes from Strange Chemistry. Poltergeeks is out on the 4th October and I have posted a super cool guest post from Sean Cummings himself as part of his blog tour today on romance in YA you should definitely check out too!

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