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Recently I reviewed and loved Immortal Beloved, the first of Cate Tiernan’s latest YA trilogy and luckily I had the second book right next to me to start. I actually read it in one sitting the same night I finished Immortal Beloved as I just couldn’t put it down.

Nastasya has been at River’s Edge – a rehab of sorts for wayward immortals- for a while now and is beginning to miss her old more careless lifestyle and friends. When Incy comes back into her life after a string of unfortunate mishaps, she relapses back into the debauchery she left behind. However, as Incy’s more sinister side becomes apparent and with her time at River’s Edge helping her see the negative side of her previous behaviour, Nastasya is forced to make a difficult decision about who she wants to be that could put her in life-threatening danger.

Tiernan has an uncanny knack for writing incredibly complicated relationships and making her reader invest in them. The tension and conflict between Nasty, my only gripe with the books are I hate her nickname, and Reyn with their shared history yet undeniable chemistry and attraction with one another is well-written and poignant. What could feel like a cliche is pulled away from this by the strength of the characterisation. Nasty in particular, is incredibly flawed and feels human (despite being an immortal.) Her development has been really well-written and feels real; her journey is not always easy, full of doubt and very complex. When she reunites with Incy, Tiernan showcases just how much she has changed from before her time at River’s Edge and it it is this character change and pull between past and present behaviour, with the benefit of hindsight, that is at the heart of Darkness Falls.

Darkness Falls is not an angst fest however and the dialogue is as sharp and at times humorous as ever. The narration is acerbic, heartfelt and believable. Darkness Falls is just as exciting and compelling as the first book, Immortal Beloved and left me desperate for the final novel, Eternally Yours, which is out next year. This is a paranormal series that is well worth reading. It is not just about romance and paranormal creatures, but focuses on character growth, our ability to change and the nature of redemption itself. This series has sealed a place on my favourites shelf.

I received a free review copy of this book from Hodder & Stoughton for my (honest) reviewing purposes. The paperback of Darkness Falls, with a gorgeous new cover design, is now available to buy. I highly recommend this series to all YA fans, particularly those who want something less typical and more meaty in terms of character development in their paranormal novels.

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