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Today I am massively excited to share with you the totes awesome post for the Dead Romantic blog tour I have.

Dead Romantic is about two very different friends, Camille and Zoe, who try and build the ultimate boyfriend, um, from dead body parts! It’s a funny, heart-felt and at times very creepy read (seriously, the hospital scene, that’s all I say) that embraces the macabre and humour all at once.

CJ has been kind enough to share her mood board she created when writing Dead Romantic so I’m going to hand it over to now (and also secretly pine for my own mood board for my writing as it’s such a good idea!)

Mood board

At the time of this mood board’s creation, I was having real trouble deciding exactly what this book was about. There were so many elements I wanted to include and I had lost sight of them all. This technique helped me ‘put my brain onto the page’ and see exactly what I had to work with.

The central image is of course the stitched heart – that’s really what it all boils down to. Camille needs to mend hers figuratively; Zoe literally needs to rebuild one. On one side of the page are Camille-centric images; all the things that initially summed her up (schmaltzy romantic novels, sweets, cutesy pink things and mermaids) and on the other I tried to place all Zoe-centric items (test tubes, Einstein, pics of her home, reanimation serum, Gerard Way who was the prototype for Thomas, her mad scientist dad etc).

All around I’ve dotted the key words that I wanted associated with the novel (SALAMANDER, SERUM, COMEDY, TRAGEDY, LOVE, FAMILY) and the college motto ‘Incipit Vita Nova’ which translates as ‘Thus begins a new life.’ You can also see some funeral tributes and a fish tank which refers to Louis.

There are also some elements which have been written out of the story since the previous draft. There’s a windmill, because I originally envisaged Zoe and her dad living in a windmill and there’s a castle because their school was going to be a posh private school with castellated turrets, from which someone was going to have an ‘accident.’ There’s a hamster on there too, which denotes the hamster reanimation scene, and the rather mean-looking orange cat was going to be the school cat, Jonesy, who was going to turn all evil after the reanimation. Somewhere along the line Jonesy was replaced by Pee Wee, the rather less-mean, more cannibal Jack Russell puppy whom Camille requires along the way.

I have to say, I loved Pee Wee so even as a cat-person, I like that change. I love seeing the differences from what CJ originally envisioned to the final product. Don’t forget to check out Dead Romantic which is available to buy now and my review will be posted on Monday – a spoiler: I loved it!

Thanks to CJ Skuse and Tina at Chicken House for organising this great tour. Tomorrow the tour stops at Queen of Contemporary so make sure you see what’s happening there 🙂



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