Review: The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead

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After being recommended to read the Vampire Academy series and loving it, I was so intrigued to see what Mead’s Bloodlines spin-off would be like and was very lucky that my UKYABB Secret Santa sent me the first two books which I quickly devoured. When I was able to get a copy for review of the Indigo Spell I immediately put everything else down and jumped right back in Sydney and Adrian’s world. As this is the third book in the series, there will be spoilers for plot points in the first two books so beware.

While I really like this series, I did find parts in the first two books problematic; particularly Sydney’s clear eating disorder and issue with her weight. I was wary this would continue into book three, however was happy to find there was a lot less talk about clothes sizes, calories and how thin the Moroi were. For me, this was a very welcome character development and progression from the earlier books.

Sydney is still an Alchemist, guarding Jill the only relative of Lissa at a Californian boarding school and is still grappling with her attraction for the swoonworthy Adrian and the conflict between this and her Alchemist upbringing. This is made more complicated by her attempts to deal with her magical abilities and blood and when young witches begin to get murdered, her magic may be the only thing that can protect her.

For me The Indigo Spell was the strongest of Sydney’s series yet. Sydney is truly questioning the Alchemists now after the events of the Golden Lily and their knowledge about the vampire-hating group she was up against. Marcus Finch, a former Alchemist wants her to join him and Sydney’s torn between exposing the many problems with the Alchemists and everything she’s known in her life.

The true hero of The Indigo Spell for me was Adrian though. This book just confirmed to me that Adrian trumps Dimitri every time. His dry humour and swoon factor just made the book. One of my favourite scenes was Adrian’s teasing when Sydney and him go undercover at a hotel. However the t-shirt painting scene made something that at first seemed almost childish suddenly quite swoonworthy.

Fans of the series will adore Mead’s latest addition and I think that those who were less keen on the Bloodlines series but loved Vampire Academy should give it a go because it is definitely the strongest of the series to date and might just suck you right back in.

Full of intrigue, suspense and romantic tension, The Indigo Spell ups the game in Sydney’s story considerably. A definite recommendation as Mead remains one of my go-to authors for YA vampires.  The Indigo Spell is available now and I received a free copy for my honest review.

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