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Before Christmas, the lovely Hannah at Walker sent me a selection of three upcoming YA titles and Hidden Among Us was one of them. From reading the summary, I had a feeling this was going to be a book I either loved or wouldn’t get on with at all; fairies/mythical creatures can feel a little overdone and there were so few fae series I’d got on with, I really wasn’t sure about it. However, I decided to give it a go before it’s publication date and I’m so glad I did.

Hidden Among Us is a fantastically creepy UK paranormal YA told in multiple perspectives. As a baby, Lissy was stolen by the Hidden and her mother managed to bargain for fourteen extra years before she had to return her to Hopestay. Now, the fourteen years are up and her elder brother, Rafe, is researching the Hidden and trying to save his sister while Lissy is oblivious to the danger around as they all return to Hopestay. At first I have to confess I wasn’t sure if the multiple perspectives would work, however as the plot developed I could see how important having all of the views was and it really worked. Every voice was distinct as well, which is such an important detail and one that can be quite difficult in terms of writing.

The setting of Hopestay was wonderfully written and I could really picture this small village so well. I loved the British setting as so many series involving the paranormal and faeries are set in the US, but there’s a wealth of history and folklore in the UK which is desperate to be explored. I was so pleased Moran chose to do this with Hidden Among Us and I think this is one of the features that really makes it stand out amongst similar books.

The Hidden are really creepy and malevolent in this book and I really liked this. I was also really intrigued by the shadowy human group who are aware of the Hidden and pursuing Rafe. As I read,  I was desperate for Lissy to escape from her destiny with the Hidden and as soon as we entered the Hidden world fairly early on in the book, I was hooked. I really liked the twists and turns and how the plot developed to its conclusion at the end which left me desperate for a sequel.

This is a highly enjoyable YA book that I think has the potential to appeal to those who don’t normally read books about the Fae, as well as those who adore them. It’s beautifully written and an exciting, chilling tale as well. Hidden Among Us is available to buy now. I received a free proof copy for my honest review from Walker Books. Thank you so much Hannah for sending me this!

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