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I was intrigued by the Pivot Point the second I saw the summary. It had a great synopsis that really sucked me in; especially with the Sliding Doors comparison, so my expectations were high and thankfully met too. Pivot Point is definitely a highly enjoyable debut YA that I simply couldn’t put down.

Set in a world where there is a secret community of people with psychic gifts, Addison is a Searcher and can see the future and look ahead to the way the future may go if certain decisions are taken. While she’s never manipulated this, when she learns of her parents’ divorce she has to decide whether to leave the safety and familiarity of her community and go out into the regular world with her father, or stay with her mum, her close friend encourages her to see what would happen either way. What follows is a highly compelling novel that follows two completely different realities in the same way as Sliding Doors. In fact, I would say this is like a light sci-fi Sliding Doors YA. And this is a good thing.

I really liked Addison and while I could see one path, in my opinion, seemed better for her, West added some twists and turns that completely changed everything. I loved West’s writing style and am really excited to see what she produces next, especially as her next book is a contemporary YA. While I really liked Addison, I absolutely adored Trevor, the love interest Addie has with the life if she moves with her father and this probably contributed to why I never really liked the interest, Duke, Addie had staying with her mother.  For the same reason I think I felt less invested in this path too, which was the only thing that kept this from being an amazing read for me.

While this book has definite series potential, and I really hope it is a series as I loved the world it was written in, what I also really liked was how Pivot Point could stand alone at the same time.  Recently a lot of YA books have ended with cliffhangers and hooks for the next book, so it was nice to have a more complete feeling ending that could be enhanced by being returned to, but equally satisfy the reader as is.

I would hesitate to call this book really sci-fi as it didn’t really go into those elements deeply in my opinion, but I think fans of books like Beth Revis’ Across The Universe series, Theo James’ Mystic City and also fans of contemporary YA will find a lot to love in Kasie West’s debut.

I received a free egalley from HarperTeen via Eidelweiss for my honest reviewing purposes. Pivot Point is available to buy now (and fellow UKers who are intrigued, I’ve definitely seen it in Foyles if you want to avoid e-retailers)

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2 responses to “Review: Pivot Point by Kasie West

  1. I was directed to your blog when I Googled reviews for Born Wicked, and I’m so glad I found it and I’m now a new follower via Blog Lovin 🙂 I absolutely adore how you write your reviews, they are so very well written 😀

    I definitely recommend you check out Jessica Shirvington’s Between The Lives, it’s an amazing two lives kind of story too that will have you reaching out for the tissues. I haven’t written my review yet as I’m kinda speechless with how the whole thing ended.

    • chooseyabooks

      Hi Angelica, it absolutely makes my day when new readers find my blog and your comment really made me smile during a really long day at work. I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to reply- I’ve just got back from going on holiday! Thank you so much for your kind comments about my blog 😀
      I’ll definitely check out Between the Lives, I hadn’t heard of it before but it sounds great!

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