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Hello lovely readers who have been so patient in my break from blogging. However today I have a great quiz by Liz for you as part of her blog tour for Undeniable.

Liz has created this quiz for you to take to discover which female character would be your best friend/perfect match from Undeniable, or her first novel Irresistible.  


Who’s your irresistible woman? 

Take this quiz to find out your perfect match/best friend out of four very different girls from IRRESISTIBLE and UNDENIABLE.

1. Who is your fictional crush/best friend?

A. Bridget Jones
B. Hermione Granger
C. Georgia Nicolson
D. Regina George from Mean Girls

2. What is your favourite book?

A .The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
B. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
C. It was Twilight, but now it’s The Hunger Games, mostly because I like to imagine what it would be like to have to fight people and to have a tall man and a short man both want to go out with me.
D. Medea by Euripedes or Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Pierre Chordelos de Laclos

3. What do you think is the biggest relationship sin?

A. Lying
B. Going after your best friend’s ex
C.  Ignoring your friends to hang out with your boyfriend
D. Becoming boring

4. What would be your dream summer job?

A. Working on a vineyard France/a farm in Equador/anything that is outside and not in England
B. Work experience in a literary agency or publishing house
C. Interning on a TV show full of celebrities so I can make them be my friends.
D. Summer is for lying on a beach and spending my dad’s money, not for having a ‘job’

5. What is your life plan?

A. Take a gap year (secretly a gap life). Stay in whichever country is my favourite and open a café
B. Become an editor
C. Plan parties. Possibly also become famous and sell my wedding to OK magazine.
D. Earn lots of money, spend it on gin

Mostly As: Mia

Mia is down-to –earth, dry and prone to  social awkwardness. She’d make a great girlfriend, but you might have to keep checking she wasn’t sneaking off to swim in a bad boy’s pool.

Mostly Bs: Rosie

Lovely Rosie is a people pleaser. She hates conflict and spends too much time revising/worrying. When she relaxes Rosie is heaps of fun – but you may need to give her some wine.

Mostly Cs: Gabi

Gabi is fun, crazy and fiercely loyal. She never thinks before she speaks , will probably embarrass you, and isn’t very good at minding the gap between the platform and the train. But she is always there when you need her. Hopefully with clothes on.

Mostly Ds: Cleo

If you like hanging out with people you are slightly scared of, then Cleo is your woman. She’s effortlessly cool, utterly bored and a little bit evil. But life with Cleo is never dull.

 Thanks Liz for writing the quiz. Undeniable is available to buy now and is at the top of my TBR so expect a review shortly. Don’t forget to tell me who you got in the comments, I got Rosie overall , but had a few As as well 🙂 

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