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I love ghost stories so when Jonathan Stroud was a guest at the Random House Blogger Brunch back in March and told us about his new series I was immediately intrigued. Before I start my review I just want to say how great Stroud was at the brunch. He bought a ghost-hunting kit from the book to show us all and was very funny and engaging, leaving all of us desperate to get our hands on the book!

Lockwood and Co. tells the story of a teenage ghost-hunting agency. In Lockwood, Britain has seen a dramatic increase in paranormal activity and hauntings in the last fifty years and children and teenagers are the only people who can see the ghosts, meaning they often work for these agencies. Anthony Lockwood, his deputy George and new recruit Lucy run Lockwood and Co. and need to prove themselves after a few investigations go awry. When they’re offered a significant sum to investigate Bliss House they cannot refuse, but it may be their most challenging investigation yet.

There’s a brilliant humourous tone to Lockwood and Co. and I loved reading this book. While at first, I was worried this book may be a little young for me as I’m more used to something like Supernatural when it comes to hauntings, I was quickly swept into the book and stormed through the jumps, scares and plot developments. Lucy was a brilliant character (not just for the obviously brilliant choice in her name) and I loved how her history was sewn into the narrative. The dialogue and banter between the trio was brilliant, Anthony was wonderfully witty and I loved George.

The investigations themselves were exciting, tense and sometimes quite chilling. The final third of the book contained creepy moment after creepy moment and was really well done as Stroud balanced this with some humour to avoid a complete frightfest. On the note of the hauntings, I really liked how Stroud weaved the background of the hauntings and why children were working in these agencies into the novel without resorting to info-dumps.

Overall this book is a fantastic spooky adventure that I think readers will really enjoy. I cannot wait for the next Lockwood instalment!

I received a free review copy from Random House in exchange for my honest review. How I receive a book does not affect the tone of my review. Lockwood and Co is available to buy now!  Random House have also produced a rather spooky trailer of the book which I’ve embedded below.


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One response to “Review: Lockwood & Co. by Jonathan Stroud

  1. I’m so glad to hear you loved this one too Lucy! I found it to be really fun and kind of tense at times too! I think the balance of horror and comedy was just right and Stroud really managed to just make this book immensely exciting and fun!
    A great review Lucy! (and YAY for blogging again, sorry I’ve been too busy to stop by lately!)
    Faye 🙂

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