Review: All The Truth That’s In Me by Julie Berry

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All The Truth That’s In Me tells the story of Judith. Four years ago her and her best friend disappeared from their small town and only Judith made it back after two years. Judith returns mutilated dumb and is reviled and condemned by those around her.  All the Truth That’s In Me is the silent outpour to the boy she is in love with as she begins to find her strength and face her past.

One niggle I did have with the book was the period it was set in wasn’t completely clear and I started the book unsure if it was a straight historical, alternate historical, etc. I have to admit that this did distance me from the book at the beginning.  That said, after a few chapters I was drawn into the book and world so this small detail did fade away for me.

The world Judith lives in is very harsh and Judith is treated terribly considering she is a victim. I hated how one character in particular targeted her and how this developed through the novel. Judith begins the novel almost accepting that this is her place, however as it progresses she becomes a lot bolder.

Often in YA parents are absent however Judith’s mother was a really striking presence in the novel. Her relationship with Judith is very frayed and at times I truly hated her and her treatment of her daughter. From a modern perspective, the victim blaming in this society was incredibly uncomfortable to read and it is sad that this is realistic of the period. The development of their relationship was something I loved to see though and I was glad to see there was more to Judith’s story than just her love for Lucas.

Lucas, the romantic interest, was well developed as a character and I did believe the relationship between Judith and him. I also really loved how Maria and Judith’s friendship developed throughout the book too.

The way All The Truth In Me is written is striking. It’s composed of numerous very short chapters, some even just a paragraph but this starkness worked really well with the plot. Judith’s voice was very clear and sympathetic throughout the novel. Some of the twists were slightly predictable for me, however once I got into the book I could not put it down.

This is not a book about being a victim, but about courage and strength and it is highly emotional. It is about finding your voice and confronting and accepting your past. It’s not particularly fast-paced and more focused on character than action, but fans of this sort of character development will find a lot to love in this book. I definitely recommend it.

All The Truth That’s In Me is published by Templar Publishing and available to buy now. I received a free proof copy for review. As ever, the content and tone of my review is not affected by the means in which I receive a book.

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2 responses to “Review: All The Truth That’s In Me by Julie Berry

  1. Lucy @ Queen of Contemporary

    I also had the same problem with it. I wasn’t sure when it was set until I actually looked it up. I loved it apart from that, though, and am pleased to see you would recommend it. It was very good and unlike anything I’ve really read before.

    Great review, Lucy!

  2. I have just finished this and immediately had to not only write a review but see what everyone else was saying about it. I’d read a couple of reviews and have just come across this one. I’m happy someone else wanted to strangle the mother but loved how their relationship developed throughout the book. I now have a new blog to follow so thanks for the great review!!!

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