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allthefeelsAll The Feels is a brand new original feature at ChooseYA that focuses on the memories and feelings books can bring out of a reader. It’s a more personal feature for me and one I hope you will enjoy and that allows you to get to know me better and find out about some great books.



In This Song Will Save Your Life, outcast Elise has given up on popularity and fitting in when she discovers a warehouse party and enters the world of DJing in an indie club. Here she can be herself, express her love of music and find people who accept her. I received an egalley from the American publishers to review (which is coming shortly) and read the book in almost one sitting.

This book was the perfect choice for me to launch All The Feels as it is all about music and how a love of music can really help you as a teenager, something I related to.  It exudes music on every page and reminded me of being sixteen and listening to a song again and again because of how it made me feel, genuinely believing the right song could change my life and those around me. Macmillan in the UK are publishing it on October 10th and you may noticed some of us UK bloggers tweeting a song that meant a lot to us with the This Song Will Save Your Life hashtag but there were so many for me I didn’t know where to start and I wanted to talk about why those songs and about the book too so thought it would be perfect for All The Feels. So today I’m going to be sharing with you the songs that defined my teenage years and I would have picked for those tweets and why as well as talking about music a little.

I was one of those teenagers who went through a rockstar phase. I played guitar, wrote some terrible and angsty songs and sang a little too. The main thing however was that I adored music – I still do. My love of music and books got me through the tougher times as I grew up and even now they are often my first port of call when I’m feeling stressed out.

Below I’ve singled out five songs that I loved as a teenager and I associate with particular memories or periods of time.

The Gaslight Anthem- Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts.

This one is a little bit of a cheat. I was 19 when I got into this band in my first year of university and I saw them live when I was 20. It was probably the best concert I’ve been to and I was pretty excited about seeing them. When they played this song, my favourite, I felt a bit emotional. Throughout all of the stress of university and navigating being a student, The Gaslight Anthem have been there for me out with their anthemic tunes, slowed down songs and lyrics that inspire me as a writer. A close second by them is Even Cowgirls Get The Blues. The guitar intro blows me away every time and Brian Fallon’s voice just gives me shivers.

Matchbox Twenty -Downfall

I was about fifteen when I discovered this band and I remember being so happy that the girl I sat next to in GCSE English Lit was also a fan of them. There are so many songs I could single out here but I’ve chosen Downfall. Close behind it though was Rest Stop (talk about All The Feels) and Could I Be You. In hindsight, most of their songs have pretty angsty lyrics, but hey!

The Go! Team- Huddle Formation

So this is half cheating. I was a teenager when I watched One Tree Hill and I loved that show. When I was a first year at uni me and a good friend used to marathon the show and we both liked this song and played it while getting ready to go out. For me, every time I hear this song now I remember dancing around with friends before a night out.

The Kooks-Naive

This song caused many discussions on the school bus home about just how easy it was to mishear the chorus on this song. If I remember correctly, one misheard lyric was ‘I’m not fond of [the] West Wing’, along with ‘I’m not from [made up country ending in -in]  We still loved this song though and it’s one of those songs that was huge at the time.

Maroon 5- This Love

While She Will Be Loved was my go-to ‘I’m 14 and everything sucks’ song, This Love is a more cheerful one and was completely inescapable when it was first released.

Green Day-Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Okay, this song is weird for me to listen to now. I think this is because it got played to death on the radio, the Kerrang music channel, etc. along with most of the album. While looking back, I would have picked Wake Me Up When September Ends now this song was the one I fell for on the album and had on repeat. This whole album seemed inescapable and was huge when it was first released and I guess since a musical was made of it I wasn’t the only one swept away when it was released.

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  1. Ahhh, I love love LOVE The Gaslight Anthem! They are such a good band, and Brian Fallon’s voice is amazing, I can’t get enough of it. You’re so lucky that you’ve gotten to see them live, I really want to but haven’t been able to yet.

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