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Perfect Ruin is Lauren DeStefano’s brand new YA/crossover series and I was incredibly intrigued by the concept of people living above the world in a seemingly utopian society so very excited when the lovely people at Harper Voyager sent me a review copy.

Perfect Ruin tells the story of Morgan who lives in Internment, a settlement above the Earth where going near the edge may cause madness, something she knows to be true after her own brother, Lex, became a Jumper. She’s determined not to go the same way and to blend into Interment and make the most of her rebellious best friend Pen and fiancé Basil. When a murder is committed however, Morgan finds herself curious about the truth, especially when she meets the accused murderer, the victim’s betrothed Judas.

I loved the world DeStefano created with Internment; there were so many little details that implied things were not as they seemed and the originality of the world and story meant that it didn’t suffer from ‘dystopia fatigue’. The tiny details really work in this book and contribute to the vividness and also the believability of the world and characters and I think this is part of the reason it avoided that sense of fatigue or repetitiveness with me. That said, it might not be ideal for those who want to immediately dive into the crux of the story. One such detail that really contributed to the atmosphere of the book was the way Daphne’s essay was quoted before each chapters started and offered an insight into the murdered character.

DeStefano has a beautiful writing style and brings Morgan to life on the page. I have to admit thinking there would be a love triangle from the summary, but at least from my reading there wasn’t too obvious a triangle which I was pleased to see. At first I felt some of the secondary characters were hard to identify or understand, such as Lex, but as the book progressed this was not a problem. I liked the friendship between Morgan and Pen and the fact that there was more to Morgan than her relationship with Basil. I found Pen’s relationship with her betrothed, Thomas, very interesting, especially by comparison with Morgan and Basil’s and in particular during the scene at the theatre.

Perfect Ruin ends on a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more and excitedly awaiting the next instalment. I’m really eager to see where the characters will go next and where the series will take us. Atmospheric and vividly imagined, Perfect Ruin is ideal for fans of DeStefano’s previous work and those wanting a slightly different dystopia.

I received a free proof copy from HarperVoyager for my honest review. As always, the content and tone of my review are not affected by the means in which I receive a book. Perfect Ruin is available to buy now.

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  1. I just finished reading this one last night and I really enjoyed it. I loved the world of Internment, and it definitely didn’t read like a typical dystopian, which made it so enjoyable to read. I loved Morgan’s character too, and I thought Basil was so sweet. Great review!

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