Dropping the ‘The’

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Recently I’ve noticed a lot of my blogging friends discussing either on twitter or their blogs suffering from blogging fatigue or pressure. It’s something I’ve experienced myself and I’m currently trying to come out of. You may have noticed every now and then I take a step back from the blog and won’t post for a while, though I inevitably always return. In a way these breaks are a double edged sword for me because when I return I’ve lost some followers, lost a few daily views, feel a touch out of the community and suddenly am left to question whether my blog matters at all. I’m doing my best not to pay attention to those things though; numbers matter superficially but I do this because I love YA and it’s a wonderful community. That said, I’ve been thinking about a few changes and this post has been sitting in my drafts folder in various forms for about two months now. The first (and very silly) excuse for not putting it online earlier was not finding the gif I wanted, well I found it, so no excuses now…

It all started with the recent banner redesign and asked some feedback from some of my lovely twitter followers. The very lovely Emma Haughton suggested dropping the books from Choose YA Books for more impact and it was a great suggestion and one I am taking (the banner will remain the same but without the word books, I’m sorting that out now).

This reminded me a little of that lightbulb moment in The Social Network when Sean Parker tells Zuckerberg to drop the ‘The’ from ‘The Facebook’, hence the title and gif.

This got me thinking about what I wanted ChooseYA to be. A relative just this week commented on my knowledge and love of TV and film and how they felt I could be a good TV critic and should do more blogging on this. I don’t want ChooseYA to not be a book blog. Books are incredibly important to me, I love reading and literature and writing. However at times, I feel the blog currently is a little flat and I want it to be more. Due to the blog name and trying to keep its core identity focused, expanding to reviewing general fiction without any YA interest doesn’t feel appropriate to me and I want to stay true to my original vision for the blog – and wow, using the term vision feels pretentious but hey ho.

So, what is this post all about? I’m dropping the ‘The’, or rather the ‘Books’.  ChooseYA will still primarily be a book blog; it will probably be 90% all about the books. I will still review books and the content will be YA/crossover focused, whether it’s about a book or not. However, I want to create a space to discuss some of the pop culture, films and TV I love and I think would fit in with ChooseYA – I might review or recap a few shows, or not, this may not work for me and I may go back to all the books, all the time. I’m not sure yet. I’m pretty sure that I might do a couple of posts about my new love of Teen Wolf (thanks Liz and Jenni)  I’m excited though and looking forward to expanding my blog and trying something new.

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