TV Post: Epic Soundtracks and Musical Moments

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I think that one of the things I love about TV and films is the use of music. It’s something you just can’t experience so readily in a book and a song can utterly change a scene and send shivers down your spine. This post is a look at some of the musical moments in TV and film that have stuck with me. I have a whole playlist on Spotify of songs I have discovered through TV shows and films and I often find new bands and singers I love through this. Obviously due to copyright, I cannot include clips of the actual shows, however hopefully you guys will still enjoy the post and maybe even seek out some of the songs for yourself.

The Hanging Tree- Mockingjay

This was always going to be a hard scene for the film crew. How to turn a song everyone had read and possibly imagined differently into something for the film and carry through its important message. For me the montage with this scene was the strongest scene in the film and sent shivers down my spine. The haunting melody, coupled with people taking action against their unfair society was really effective and worked.

Nitesky – Robert Koch and John LaMonica

This song is beautiful and while I don’t always like Teen Wolf’s music, a few bands they’ve used and songs I have loved (I discovered Hozier through this show) This song is in the season two finale and is evokes the mood so well, the good and the bad happening in that scene.

Bad Moon Rising – Mourning Ritual

This song was everywhere last year; Teen Wolf, The Following (where I heard it first) and the Walking Dead. It’s a wickedly atmospheric cover and full of awesome. It’s a fantastic writing song and you can see (hear?) why it’s so popular on TV when you listen to it.

The Blacklist Soundtrack

It’s hard to just pick a couple of songs from the Blacklist for this post. The music supervisors need serious kudos because the music on this show is fantastic. From the great closing of the pilot with 99 problems, the use of Sinnerman and Sympathy for the Devil in episode two, I just don’t know where to start. I particularly love Susie Suh’s Here With Me and Radical Face’s Welcome Home, Son.


What are the songs and musical moments onscreen that stand out to you? Do you like music on TV shows or does it detract for you? 


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