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I have been blogging at ChooseYA for a little over five and a half years now! It’s the longest I’ve ever kept something like this up and whilst it’s a lot harder for me to spend so much time on the blog now, I still love it.

When I began ChooseYA I was just beginning my MA in Writing, I was really starting to vocalise my interest in writing YA and love of YA fiction out loud after realising that I wasn’t quite being honest with myself about what I wanted to write. Since starting my blog, I’ve made friends from blogging, felt incredibly close and part of the community and also felt myself drift as I’ve spent less time online and blogging for various reasons.

ChooseYAbooks was originally just about YA books and reviewing them but five and a half years down the line, I’ve dropped the books from the header and expanded in occasionally writing about TV and I feel like there’s room for more. ChooseYA is still and always will be primarily a book blog, at least that I can see now. It’s where I get all my love and passion for books out and bonding and sharing bookish thoughts does not get old. I also want to try and engage with #bookstagram, etc.

That said, I want to loosen some of my personal parameters on the blog; so I want to expand to write about my own life, writing, some of the products, films or shows I’m loving at the moment. I currently do not plan for more than one post that is non bookish a week tor for more than a third of the content to be non-bookish and such posts will be clearly signposted as one of the following (or similar) with the ChooseYA (like choose your) theme:

Choose YA Life: posts or more general life discussions and blogs

Choose YA Look: the odd post about skincare (I have a problem with my love of skincare) makeup or even perfume

Choose YA Screen: TV and film posts

As I begin to build these posts and sides of the blog up, I plan to create a link to them on the main menu for easy links and maybe even just keep them there, in their own section as it grows. Potentially if I ever get back to doing weekly wrap ups or updates, this would include books and the above. I am still a book blog by nature, this is just a trial to see if widening the parameters of this blog can help me rediscover some enthusiasm and reach new people. I am not the same person I was when I started this blog, are any of us? So why not try and go with it?

At the moment, I feel more out of the blogging community than I used to. In many ways this is my own fault; I’ve not been blogging so regularly or on twitter, but I want to get back and reconnect with the community so I am hoping shaking things up a bit will help me get here and engaging with everyone again more often

I hope you’ll join me and check out some of these new posts and of course the business-as-usual bookish posts. perhaps I’ll even be able to cross them over and link them to the bookish side of the blog in some way. Content-wise as this site reviews teen fiction and is predominately historically aimed as YA readers the other three themes will contain content appropriate for this (some TV shows and films may be certificate 15 but I plan to highlight them as such and quite frankly many YA novels as they are on the page meet the same criteria).

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