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2015 Blogging Survey

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Hi everyone,

I mentioned at the end of last year I wanted to conduct a survey this month to find out about how to improve ChooseYA this year. I’d also like to start a newsletter and want to gauge if people would actually read and subscribe to this.

I would so appreciate you spending five minutes or so filling out this brief survey (multiple choice). If there is anything you think you would like to see more of, or would like to see on the blog and it’s not in the survey please leave me a comment or email me.

The survey will be live for the next 1-2 weeks.

Reading Goals: For Good or Evil?

I’ve used Goodreads ever since I first started blogging and one of the features I find really interesting and potentially divisive is that of the reading challenge. The reading challenge is where you can record every book you’ve read so far this year and set yourself a target. I need to be honest here, this may be as much sour grapes as anything. Last year I read 220 books. This year, I’ll be lucky to make 150, which for me is bad. However, as I’ve fallen so far behind my target, it’s recently made me think about the potential problems with competitively noting your reading. Bloggers read a lot. Let’s face it. In order to keep up with the incoming of new books, we have to read a lot and we generally all begin blogging about books because we love […]

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Some Musings On The Recent Disputes In The YA Blogosphere

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about the author/blogger relationship based on several disputes on Goodreads regarding negative reviews and author responses. This has now reached the stage in which mainstream media such as The Guardian have turned their attention to this topic. I am a relatively new blogger and have not been involved in any of these incidents, but have observed them with some interest and read some of the many responses to it.  I also have never interacted with the bloggers involved or directly with the authors, however this a subject I couldn’t stop thinking about as a blogger. What I have mentioned above may mean that my opinion is thought of as without worth, I am an intruder to a discussion I am not invited into and I accept that. I do not mean to […]

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The Top Ten YA Books That Have Influenced Me

The Top Ten YA Books That Have Influenced Me

The majority of these are over five years old from when I was technically a younger teen, some even more so, but these are the books that have influenced my writing and I deeply enjoyed. I hope you enjoy the list, and please feel free to comment with any of your own. 1. Speak-Laurie Halse Anderson. This book was one of those that had an incredibly profound effect on me as a teenager, it is relatable, tragic, realistic and beautifully written. Even though I had not endured what Melinda had, there was something of the everygirl in there you could relate to- not fitting in, depression, teachers who didn’t like you, etc. The style is beautiful and I simply adored this book. When I found out it was challenged in the states in schools, I was fuming as this is […]

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