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Review: Gloss – Summer Scandal by Marilyn Kaye

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I received this book for free from Macmillan Children's Books in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Gloss – Summer Scandal by Marilyn KayeGLOSS 2: Summer Scandal by Marilyn Kaye
Published by Pan Macmillan on May 8th 2014
Genres: Historical, Love & Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 319
Format: Paperback
Source: Macmillan Children's Books

Experience the swinging sixties in the second book in this brand-new teen series.
It's the summer of 1964 and the four Gloss interns are back in New York. Sherry is working at Gloss when she gets involved in the civil rights movement and finds herself falling in love with someone she never expected to, Donna is caught up in the world of high fashion and Upper East Side rich kids, Pamela is desperate to become an actress, no matter what it takes, and Allison is finding out that going steady with a teen heart-throb isn't all it's cracked up to be.
The girls are discovering that following your heart sometimes means that you can't follow your dreams . . . The Devil Wears Prada meets Mad Men in this brilliant new series.

Review: I really enjoyed Gloss, the first in Marilyn Kaye’s 1960’s series, so was pleased to see there would be a second book. Gloss was a great summer read which also touched on some important issues about sexism and the workplace. Summer Scandal similarly continues to balance the fun of fashion and Sherry’s dream job at Gloss with the realities of the civil rights movement, insecurities in relationships and social attitudes of the 1960s generally.

Each former intern has their own arc and story in Summer Scandal, however for me, Sherry feels like the main character and her story is incredibly interesting and important in this book. Sherry wants to write about more serious and newsworthy topics and is drawn into the civil rights movement by a colleague. Kaye writes about issues well and also the civil rights movement doesn’t feel shoehorned in for the sake of including it, but is relevant to the characters and plot development. I thought her difficulties in being taken seriously in the movement were an interesting spin and that her relationship with William was intriguing.

Although I really enjoyed Allison’s arc in Gloss, I found her harder to relate to in Summer Scandal. I did like the ‘twist’ Kaye employed with respect to her relationships. I similarly found Pamela at times hard to relate to – while I like the fact that she is a woman who is ahead of her time, at times I found her shallow however she does seem to be developing as a character as the series progresses.

Entertaining, fun and surprisingly thought-provoking, Summer Scandal is a great summer retro read.



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