Review: Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley

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As my second review of love week at ChooseYA I am happy to present my review for the brilliant Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley.

Graffiti Moon already has a place as one of my favourite YA contemporary novels/romances and confirms to me that Australian YA is definitely something I should keep my eye on.

Cath Crowley writes beautifully and while sometimes dual narrators seem unnecessary, they were used very well here and were essential to greater understanding of what was happening.

Lucy has finished year twelve and is celebrating with her friends. She wants to meet Shadow, a local and anonymous grafitti artist she admires when she runs into Ed, someone she had a pretty awful first date with, who knows Shadow and offers to show her some of his haunts. I don’t want to spoil the novel for you, but very early on it is made clear, as in the first chapters, that Ed is Shadow and I loved knowing this and reading Lucy’s obliviousness. This shaped up to make some very cringe worthy conversations, but Crowley really made you feel for the characters.

Both Ed and Lucy had their own lives and issues, Lucy with her family and Ed with money friends owe someone and any romance did not take away or magically heal this. The two characters had a wonderful natural chemistry and the dialogue between them felt realistic but never boring.

I loved the respect, admiration and appreciation Crowley clearly has for art and depicts so well through both characters. Art is a wonderful unifer, and Crowley uses art for this very purpose with Ed and Lucy.

As this book is released on Valentine’s Day in the US, I definitely think it’s a must read in this “month of love” and actually at any time. I adored this book and I think that if you like contemporary YA, a well-written love story and also love art then this book is most definitely for you. I received my copy through NetGalley for free through Random House Children’s Books and once again am very grateful for the opportunity to review this.


Cath Crowley

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