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Slide is the debut novel of Jill Hathaway and a book I was eager to read it from the moment I read the summary. It combines two of my favourite types of writing: crime and young adult, plus it adds a really compelling paranormal twist to this.
Vee is narcoleptic, but while she has these episodes she ‘slides’ into someone else’s mind unintentionally. This has been a blight on her life since it started as she hates touching or keeping things people may have imprinted on or touched, particularly those she loves, in case she slides into them.
When she slides one night however she witnesses the aftermath of the murder of a classmate that is later written off as suicide. With a killer around who may know about her sliding ability as they left a note on the night of the murder with the date that enabled her to slide into the murderer, Vee is on a dangerous mission to find the murderer and use what she otherwise counts as a hindrance for good all while everyone else tries to move on from a ‘suicide.’
I adored Vee, she’s a really fun protagonist and has a very easy to read, vibrant and realistic voice despite being in a situation that is out of the ordinary. I think the simplicity of sliding as well makes the ability feel more natural and very easy to imagine. Her friendship with Archie and the complications that ensue are sympathetically and beautifully written, how do you feel when you begin to suspect your friend may have something to do with a murder? How is a friendship anyway when you cannot tell them a deep secret out of fear?
Her ability as well terrified me, I cannot imagine how it would feel to that unwelcome power and the danger she is placed in. Narcolepsy is such a dangerous and scary illness to me as I hate to be out of control of my body and the situations Vee finds herself in really evoked this and impressed Vee’s strength on me even more.
This is not just a mystery novel, or a paranormal novel, it is also a novel about first love, about friendship, betrayal, family and letting yourself go. As a character, Vee goes through so much change and you are with her every step of the way as she opens up more about her sliding and tries to solve the crime.
My only criticism is that I guessed the murderer, and who was with them from early on, however this was slightly turned on it’s head a little by the end and I don’t want to spoil it for the reader so won’t go too much into it – this is also maybe just because I read a lot of crime and mystery novels and am used to guessing plot lines! There is a huge twist within the book that took me by surprise towards the end as well and I definitely had not guessed but made complete sense.
This is a remarkable debut I loved and have no hesitation recommending. The concept is individual, exciting and compelling as is it’s execution.
I received an advanced copy of Slide for free from HarperCollins Children’s Books and am very thankful for the chance to read this book. Slide is released on March 1st in the UK and March 27th in the US.

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