Quercus Blogger Drinks With Cat Clarke – June 2012

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So back at the end of June (I know where has the time gone?) I was invited to an evening at Quercus HQ for drinks and a cover reveal with the lovely Cat Clarke and staff at Quercus. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I was massively stressed out and an evening in London with blogger friends was just what I needed.
I made my way to Baker Street, which I maintain is the coolest and most beautiful of London’s tube stations, and found myself out the huge, terrifying building Quercus is housed in which was full of business people walking out and talking on Blackberries.
The floor Quercus is in was really nice though and they had a really nice lounge like area filled with shelves of their books where we spent the evening. I got to see some of my friends like Sophie from solittletimesomanybooks, Andrew aka Pewterwolf13, Laura from Sister Spooky, Liz from my Favourite Books who I hadn’t seen in ages so was lovely to catch up with and her husband who is also a blogger for My Favourite Books. I also got to meet Caroline of PortraitofaWoman on twitter. it was also so lovely to put a face to the name of Alice at Quercus who is the Press Officer and such a great person too as well as editors of Quercus’s Kids section, who terribly I have forgotten the name of!
Quercus are so friendly and they provided drinks, and always offered to refill our glasses, delicious delicious cupcakes – Oreo cupcakes too, which were mega yummy. – and other treats. I had had dinner at my favourite diner, Ed’s, and was stuffed from my peanut butter milkshake, but managed to fit one cupcake in as obviously it would have been rude not to!
The guest of honour was of course, Cat Clarke, who I had met before and every time I talk to have to hold in my fangirl as I love her writing – seriously, I probably act like a complete idiot in these situations and if Cat is reading this, sorry!
After chatting and drinks, Cat told us about her upcoming novel, Undone. Undone will be released next year and I, like everyone, am desperate to get my hands on it. It sounds amazing and she read us the prologue. Then we had a cover reveal and all oohed and aahed. I don’t know what I can tell you about it, but it’s both different from her previous covers but still very Cat Clarkeish.
In addition to all this spoiling, Quercus had bags and a selection of their books up for grabs. I took a copy of Lil Chase’s upcoming contemporary Secrets, Lies and Locker 62, which is great fun and Carol Midgley’s My Family and Other Freaks. I love the burst of funny contemporary novels for young teens that have been released recently and Quercus are delivering these too!
Also Isla J Bick’s Ashes and proofs of her hotly awaited sequel Shadows were available. I devoured these books and I’ll have reviews up very soon. I also found out Quercus are publishing her contemporary which I have been dying to read and not been able to find anywhere, Drowning Instinct, in 2013 too!
Gregory Hughes is also releasing a new contemporary in the next couple of months set in Tokyo called Summertime of the Dead. It involves a Japanese mafia and is a thriller that looks great. I can’t wait to start this one!
Finally John Marsden’s hugely successful Tomorrow, When The War Began series was on offer and as everyone was telling me how great it was, I took the first three books to catch up. I’ve seen the film and loved it so am excited to read the actual book. Australian YA is great and this was the ‘dystopia/war’ YA before the influx of The Hunger Games and so on and is a very plausible scenario.
Quercus were also displaying Shattered Dreams by Ellie James, which I already had read aswas on the blog tour on so didn’t take a copy, and Dead Rules by R S Russell, which I received a proof of much earlier in the year and loved! It’s a brilliant, snarky afterlife YA with hints of Heathers and Mean Girls.
So as you can see Quercus have some fabulous books coming up in the Autumn and I had a brilliant time at the event. Thank you so much to Quercus for inviting me!

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