The move to self-hosted is complete: ChooseYA

Posted January 4, 2013 by chooseyabooks in Uncategorized / 5 Comments

Hi everyone,

So, if you’re reading this and you are a subscriber this hopefully means you’ve been correctly transferred over to the ‘new’ ChooseYA. Layout wise I’ve gone for a cleaner look and I hope you all like it.

I did have a few issues with the transfer, reminding me to double check everything before I press enter, but my host has been brilliant and I’m just waiting for wordpress to let me know if they can move my subscribers over.

The main changes you need to know about are that email subscribers are now through feedburner, not wordpress, so you may wish to change over to that. My feedburner RSS is the same so you guys shouldn’t have been affected.

I’m hoping to have the first chooseYAtrope post up either today or over the weekend. I just have a bit of uni work at the moment which I need to prioritise. I’m also working on my first reviews of 2013 and have some great books to tell you about.

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5 responses to “The move to self-hosted is complete: ChooseYA

    • chooseyabooks

      Thanks hon, and welcome to you as well 🙂 How are you finding it yourself? Hopefully the first trope post will be up on Monday, I have to submit some uni work then so don’t have much time right now.

      • It’s going okay. Now that I’m fully over, it’s better. I really like the notification center, so much better! And the post(content) template plugin I downloaded is awesome! And my feeds now all work, and it’s just all much better and easier – despite my complaining! 😀
        I will keep an eye out for it when I return from work on Monday then 🙂

  1. Yay! Glad it worked out ok 🙂 And RSS followers seem fine as you came up on my feed 🙂 I think it was email followers that the wordpress people sorted out for me. Welcome to .org lol 😉 Which plugins did you get?

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