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This month Headline have been doing a series of posts, pinterest pins and more in order to promote the love of YA. As part of this, I was excited to be invited to share my favourite YA book which you can see on this Pinterest board here along with a brief summary of why I love it, and to get to host one of the posts. Today I’m handing this post over to Lynsey who works in Headline’s Marketing department. As someone who is very interested in working in publishing myself when I eventually graduate from Uni in September, I was really interested to find out more about marketing in book publishing.


Who are you, and what is your job title?

Hello, I’m Lynsey.  I work in the Headline Marketing department and I look after the marketing for all Headline’s YA list – and I love it! Go Team YA *fist pumps the air*! This means that my goal, along with Sam and Vero in Publicity, is to make sure that people hear about, notice and talk about the fantastic books that we have coming up. It’s all about making sure the right people hear about the books that will appeal to them. And in the most creative and eye-catching way possible!

If you see an advert for a book on your favourite website, in magazines, on the London Underground, at train stations, or even activity on Facebook, a book trailer on Amazon, bookmarks in your local bookshop, that’s us in Marketing!

Describe an average day:

Cup of tea.

Turn on computer and discuss last night’s TV with Tom, my desk buddy.

Check emails.

That’s all the essentials done. From then on, almost every day is different. On an average day I’ll be working on a few different campaigns at once, and I’ll be working on books that are out at the moment, as well as preparing for those that are publishing later in the year. I’ll often be booking adverts, briefing designers, meeting an author, brainstorming and writing marketing plans, or excitedly planning a hair-brained Twitter competition with Sam in publicity. I’m not always in the office though. On Valentine’s Day, the Headline YA team hit the road with a bag of books, some Valentine’s Day treats and a box of Krispy Kreme donuts to do a tour of some London independent bookshops and tell them about the fab books we had coming up.

In the evening, if there’s no work event, book launch or G&T at our work local then it’s home to do some reading and avoid the gym.

Pick your favourite YA book:

I know it’s a Headline book but Tanya Byrne’s first book HEART-SHAPED BRUISE literally knocked my socks off.  The protagonist, Emily, is such a strong and interesting character and you become completely immersed in her world and her need for revenge. It’s brilliant!

Another YA book I read recently and loved was called THE WEIGHT OF WATER by Sarah Crossan. It so interesting and clever because it’s written as a series of poems – and it is just BEAUTIFUL! It really stayed with me afterwards.

 I definitely agree with Lynsey about Heart-Shaped Bruise, I adored that book. Having read and loved Breathe, I’m definitely going to have to read Sarah Crossan’s Weight Of Water too.  Thank you Lynsey and everyone at Headline who organised this post and event. Don’t forget to check out Headline’s LoveYA Which Book Next facebook too.

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