Looking Ahead: 2014 at ChooseYA

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Firstly, happy New Year to all my followers and readers!

I made a decision recently that this year I’m not planning on having such strictly regimented resolutions. This, of course, is a perfect contradiction to the planning I’ve been doing all week of blogging and personal goals for this year, but either way I’m changing the semantics as I think we’re almost duty-bound to never wholly meet our New Year’s resolutions.

There are some things I want to do in 2014 though. Blog-wise, I want to build upon the work I have already done and try and make the most of ChooseYA. I also want to try and stand out more and make sure that my blog has its own identity that makes it what it is. This means making All The Feels and Chooseyatrope, the two features I’ve created myself, more regular and the current plan is to have at least one of each every month, hopefully two if the right inspiration hits.

Having talked about standing out, I’ve decided to trial a more uniform format to my review formatting similar to the majority of book blogs which will now include the synopsis, publication date, etc with the cover image. I feel this is more user-friendly, informative and visually pleasing to the reader, but if it doesn’t work I may revert back. I am hoping to reformat the old reviews in time too, however there are over two years worth!

Book-challenge wise, I have decided not to take part in any other challenges officially, other than the British Books Challenges which I just can’t give up. This is because I struggled last year to update the posts and link-up reviews of all the challenges and want to tone it down to just one so I can properly commit to the concept. I will not be setting out any specific books for the challenge, but would aim to read and review at least 18 books for this.

That said, I want to take part in the blogging community more and am planning to take part in Top Ten Tuesday every week this year as it’s my favourite meme. I also want to make more of an effort to comment on my current blogs in my feeds and find new ones too.

I also want to have more posts scheduled ahead of time as it has been harder to maintain a regular posting routine and I think this would really help. Under my current plans, I am hoping to have content Mon-Fri on the blog (as of 6th Jan) and am debating about whether I will post something on weekends or not.

Do you have any blogging goals for 2014? Do let me know in the comments.

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